Website or Social Media Page? 

What are the pros and cons?

Managing your business' online presence only on social media might come with a high price tag, and lost opportunities. You may be wanting to become your own boss, work when, and from wherever you want. Having online presence strategically set up is of utmost importance. 

Social network and media platforms help brands to connect with audiences exceptionally and the connection can be very personal, and that what it supposed to do, as its name says. For forming your own group, a smaller community, and sharing content with them is also the best place to go. 

Using only Social Media platforms to manage your business means you are playing by "their" rules, a 3rd party has more control over your audience than you. Platforms change their user, and advertisement policy on a regular pace. Most importantly they change the ads and search algorithm with short notice.

Last but not least, the pace of which Social Media platforms are rising and falling are also expedited. Users are migrating to "next new thing" that is actually hyped. Eliminating all these factors comes with just a too high price tag alone. I do believe in social media platforms, and the value what they bring to businesses - which if you are business owner - is a channel for lead generation, and advertisement.   

To have a secure place for your audience they can go back always without distraction, to control better what type, and format of content you put out, and  secure your business customer's data the best is to have your own business website. It gives YOU the control of your digital space and appear in search engines in a much higher rank. More than half of web traffic are still originates from search engines as this research sows as well from 

Talk to us and learn how to leverage new opportunities with a business website of yours.