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Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain is still a technology that raises lots of questions in people's mind. The interpretation are varies and more times than not confused. 

We truely believe that blockchain technology brought the biggest changes and opportunity in our lives since the Internet, the Social Media and the revolution of Information. We started an area that one calls it an internet of value.

Today the transactions on the Internet is mainly limited to online shopping or online trading (banking). In the near future it will change fundamentally when we can transact with everything that has value for us - digitized assets (music, art, creatives, content), vote, personal data, identity in a secured and private way.

Blockchain is going to have bigger impact on how businesses will establish trust between transacting parties than the Internet had.  The changes have began and slowly but surely will reach every sector. But changes are slow because it takes lots of energy and time. The winners of this revolution will be those stakeholders who act today and start their experiment at any level. 

Ebizont accumulated sizable experience in blockchain solution design and proof of concept and are here to assist your business to feel more confident during this journey. We took or stand beside a permissioned based Distribuited Ledger Technologies (DLTs) framework called Hyperledger and developed expertise.

In contrast with public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, we belive in permission based blockchain where stakeholders can use the power of a modular architecture that is flexible, scaleable and secure.

Contact us for more information on our distribuited ledger expertise and blockchain consultancy.